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A naturally occurring brain chemical; in large concentrations it induces a feeling of calm, happiness, and satisfaction with one's place in the world. Allswell is forbidden to the avout, but been genetically engineered into much of the food consumed in Saecular society. As it takes 14 days for the full, mind-altering effects to build up, the Discipline limits Apert to ten days so that the avout are never fully affected.

Erasmas realizes he is likely under the influence of Allswell during his peregrination over the Pole, when the prospect of falling into a crevasse doesn't panic him.

Dictionary Entry[]

A naturally occurring chemical that, when present in sufficient concentrations in the brain, engenders the feeling that everything is fine. Isolated by theors in the First Century A.R. and made available as a pharmaceutical, it became ubiquitous when a common weed, subsequently known as blithe, was sequence-engineered to produce it as a byproduct of its metabolism. Blithe was subsequently made one of the Eleven.
The Dictionary, 4th Edition, A.R. 3000