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In August 2008 a video trailer for Anathem was released. The trailer, directed and edited by Brady Hall, includes recreations of scenes from the novel and excerpts of Iolet::Music from the World of Anathem by David Stutz.

The scenes recreated in the trailer are:

  1. Erasmas and Ala using a pin to record flashes on a leaf, in a darkened maintenance shack inside the Praesidium
  2. Erasmas watching an aerocraft take Paphlagon away following his Voco
  3. Erasmas reading a book in his cell
  4. Fraa Lio fighting four Saeculars on the last night of Apert
  5. Lio, and then Erasmas, look up to see an object moving across the stars
  6. Erasmas in a Saecular city surrounded by advertisements (one of which is Neal Stephenson), this may be during Apert as Erasmas wears his bolt
  7. A member of the Ringing Vale fights off several Geeth after Erasmas is attacked in Mahsht
  8. Erasmas stands behind a seated man who is speaking in a very animated fashion (this may be Lodoghir during a Messal in Tredegarh
  9. Zh'vaern (a disguised Jules Verne Durand) gestures[1] 1:48
  10. Rope from the kitchen is tugged during Messal 1:51
  11. Fraa Jad droning a Thousander chant (possibly while at the Bazian Orthodox Monastery near Bly's Butte)
  12. Suur Ala turns as she is called out for Voco
  13. Erasmas holds sphere as it expands
  14. Fraa Jad works on Teglon in Caravansery of Elkhazg
  15. Fraa Erasmas looks up at the sky

The The World of Anathem trailer also includes excerpts from Music from the World of Anathem, specifically "Cellular Automata" and the "Thousander Chant." (And one more ?)


  1. As the actor playing this part, I can verify that this was the intention

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