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See Wikipedia entry for cloister - "A cloister (from Latin claustrum, "enclosure") is a rectangular open space surrounded by covered walks or open galleries, with open arcadeson the inner side, running along the walls of buildings and forming a quadrangle or garth. The attachment of a cloister to a cathedral or church, commonly against a warm southern flank,[1] usually indicates that it is (or once was) part of a monastic foundation, "forming a continuous and solid architectural barrier... that effectively separates the world of the monks from that of the serfs and workmen, whose lives and works went on outside and around the cloister.

Cloistered (or claustral) life is also another name for the life of a monk or nun in the enclosed religious orders; the modern English termenclosure is used in contemporary Catholic church law[2] to mean cloistered, and cloister is sometimes used as a metonymic synonym for monastery."

Dictionary entry[]

(1) In Old Orth, any closed, locked-up space (Thelenes was confined in one prior to his execution, but, confusingly to younger fids, it did not then have the mathic connotations of senses 2, etc., below).
(2) In Early Middle Orth, the math as a whole.
(3) In Late Middle Orth, a garden or court surrounded by buildings, thought of as the heart or center of the math.
(4) In New Orth, any quiet, contemplative space insulated from distractions and disturbances.
The Dictionary, 4th Edition, A.R. 3000