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The Concent of Saunt Baritoe was founded near a natural harbor on Arbre in 0 A.R. Baritoe is a part of the Big Three along with the concents of Saunt Muncoster and Saunt Tredegarh.

It is named after Lady Baritoe, a noble woman famous for sponsoring the Praxic Age theors who developed the original Sconic discipline.

The concent is Procian stronghold whose Unarian math trained many Saeculars who have gone into law, politics and commerce.

190-210 A.R.: Avout from St. Baritoe's create New Matter by nucleosynthesis manipulation

Known avout of St. Baritoe's[]

Suur Aculoä, a Latter Evenedrician and Unarian philosophy teacher who spent 34 years at the concent and wrote two books on the Polycosmic works of Fraa Paphlagon, an Edharian of the Centenarian math of theConcent of Saunt Edhar.

Ignetha Foral a.k.a. the HIFOSA / IFOSA (Hypothetical Important Fid Of Suur Aculoä), a Unarian student who after spending six years at concent would go on to be a high ranking official in the Saecular government. She is also reputed to be part of the Old Lineage. During her time she produced a treatise called Plurality of Worlds: a Comparative Study of the Polycosmic Ideation among the Halikaarnians. The treatise compares the work of Paphlagon with others of similar interest from previous centuries.

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