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The Concent of Saunt Muncoster was founded in 0 A.R. Muncoster is a part of the Big Three along with the concents of Saunt Tredegarh and Saunt Baritoe. It is noted by Fraa Erasmas that Muncoster has a lot of towers.

The historical Saunt Muncoster is presumably the inspiration for the Muncostran Iconography which depicts avout as absent-minded professors.

121 A.R.: Avout from St. Muncoster split into the Syntactics (those who believe that symbols are devoid of semantic content) who formed the Procian Order and the Semantics (those who believe symbols could hold actual semantic content) who formed the Halikaarnian Order.

2780 A.R.: A shopping center parking ramp is constructed within a couple thousand feet of the concent. Six years later, a construction crew finds a complete skeleton of hundred foot long reptile (referred to as a Dinosaur or Dragon) embedded in the synthetic stone laid four years back. After some serious unrest and violence from Deolaters, chanting is heard one night from the Millenarian tower. The next day the parking ramp is back to normal. Three months later the Third Sack begins.

Known avout of St. Muncoster[]

Suur Faan: FAE of the Syntactic Faculty (just after the reconstitution). Namesake of the Faanians and later the Reformed Old Faanians.

Fraa Lodoghir: FAE of the Centenarian Chapter of the Order of Saunt Proc. (Inter)loctor with Erasmas at Plenary concerning the Visitation at Orithena. Doyn at Plurality of Worlds Messal during the Convox.

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