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The Concent of Saunt Rambalf is one of three concents with a Millenarian math protected during the Third Sack because it is a nuclear waste repository for the Saecular Power.

While having a breakfast in a casino, soon after being evoked, Fraas Erasmas, Jad and Tavener witness a speely newscast showing red laser light shining on the Millenarian spire of St. Rambalf's.

After the emergence at Mahsht, Fraa Erasmas spots St. Rambalf on the trip to Orithena.

300 A.R.: A mass suicide takes place moments before the Centennial Gate opens at Apert. St. Rambalf's is one of several Centennial maths to have gone off the rails (Gone Hundred ) since 200 A.R.

Known Avout of St. Rambalf's[]

Fraa Sildanic, a physician who attends to Fraa Erasmas on the Daban Urnud.

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