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A large meeting or convocation of the avout from throughout Arbre. The purpose of a convox is to compile the new edition of The Dictionary and to take care of any business of concern to the Millenarians.

The first convox was held concurrent with the Reconstitution and a convox had been held at every millennium as a part of Apert.

Special convoxes have been held after each of the Great Sacks. A special convox was also summoned by the Saecular Power to address an impeding asteroidal collision (the 'Big Nugget'). Because these do not necessarily coincide with Apert, only those who have relevant knowledge or skills are called upon by the Saecular Power, allowing the rest of the avout to maintain Discipline.

During the events of Anathem, a ninth convox is assembled at Saunt Tredeghar's to address the appearance of the Daban Urnud.