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Dialog: A discourse, usually in formal style, between theors. “To be in Dialog” is to participate in such a discussion extemporaneously. The term may also apply to a written record of a historical Dialog; such documents are the cornerstone of the mathic literary tradition and are studied, re-enacted, and memorized by fids. In the classic format, a Dialog involves two principals and some number of onlookers who participate sporadically. Another common format is the Triangular, featuring a savant, an ordinary person who seeks knowledge, and an imbecile. There are countless other classifications, including the suvinian, the Periklynian, and the peregrin.

Dialog, Peregrin: A Dialog in which two participants of roughly equal knowledge and intelligence develop an idea by talking to each other, typically while out walking around. Perhaps correlate of Perapetitic Dialogue, and Rhetorical Dialogue.

Dialog, Periklynian: A competitive Dialog in which each participant seeks to destroy the other’s position (see Plane). Perhaps correlate of Eristic Dialogue.

Dialog, Suvinian: A Dialog in which a mentor instructs a fid, usually by asking the fid questions, as opposed to speaking discursively. Correlate of Socratic Dialogue.

(From the Glossary)

Dialog is separated from Calca which may be a dialogue so extensive that it is distracting from the issue at hand.

Some dialogues from the Golden Age of Ethras are recorded as Dialogs, a literary genre.