Emman Beldo is an Unarian-educated Extramuros engineer sent by the Saecular Powers to the Convox with Ignetha Foral. He acts as her servitor at the Plurality of Worlds Messal and follows Fra Erasmas after each evening meal to what Emman Beldo assume will be the best or most informative lucub, given the interest Erasmas stirred at Plenary with his account of the Visitation of Orithena. Emman Beldo has the additional daily task of explaining the discussions and conclusions of the Convox to the Saecular Powers.

While well educated by Saecular standards, having come from a burgher family and having spent some years in a Unarian math, Emman Beldo frequently requests clarification of the matters discussed by the Plurality of Worlds messal from Erasmas in order to be able to explain matters to his superiors. It would seem that Emman Beldo reports to a different agency of the Saecular Powers than does Ignatha Foral, and it is possible that part of his assignment is to monitor Foral's activity. While it later emerges that Ignatha Foral has ties to the Lineage, Beldo is shown to be a likely agent of the Saecular Powers' more military arm.

Emman is chosen as one of the trigger men for the Everything Killers during the treaty signing on the Daban Urnud. It is implied during Erasmas's conversation with Emman Beldo that Fraa Jad was also equipped with a triggering mechanism (however Jad's trigger was not available in this particular Narrative.)

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