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Everything Killers are weapons that act on the atomic level killing every living thing within the range of the weapon.

There are few records as to the exact praxis used in the Everything Killers. Use of the Everything Killers is what as described as the Terrible Events. At the Convox (of 3690) Fraa Lio is part of a Laboratorium that is studying some of the original plans and design specs of the Everything Killers.

According to Fraa Lio's description, an Everything Killer is a cloud of microelectromechanical nuclear reactors, microscopic in size which are inert until triggered by any variety of predecided sources, prompting them to go critical and act in a way analogous to a neutron bomb.

Dictionary entry[]

Everything Killer
A weapons system of unusual praxic sophistication, thought to have been used to devastating effect in the Terrible Events. The belief is widely held, but unproved, that the complicity of theors in the development of this praxis led to universal agreement that they should henceforth be segregated from non-theorical society, a policy that when effected became synonymous with the Reconstitution.
The Dictionary, 4th Edition, A.R. 3000