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Saecular society outside of the maths.


Literally everything "Outside of the Walls" of the concent.


Similarly to extramuros, the mathic orders use the term intramuros to quickly denote anyone inside the mathic community.

Dictionary Entry[]

1. In Old Orth, literally “outside the walls.” Often used in reference to the walled city-states of that age.
2. In Middle Orth, the non-mathic world; the turbulent and violent state of affairs that prevailed after the Fall of Baz.
3. In Praxic Orth, geographical regions or social classes not yet enlightened by the resurgent wisdom of the mathic world.
4. In New Orth, similar to sense 2 above, but often used to denote those settlements immediately surrounding the walls of a math, implying comparative prosperity, stability, etc.
The Dictionary, 4th Edition, A.R. 3000


The old part of Manila, called the Intramuros (lit. "Inside the Walls") may have been an inspiration, as the location plays a part in Cryptonomicon, though intramuros and extramuros are terms that have been used to describe sections of many walled cities around the world.