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Geometers a.k.a. PAQD a.k.a. the Cousins - various designators for the polycosmic aliens of the Daban Urnud who arrive in orbit around Arbre.

Beginning with the original pilgrimage of the Urnudans from their home world, the Geometers would visit the cosmi of the worlds of Tro, LaTerre (Earth) and Fthos before arriving upon Arbre. During the command of the third Gan of the Daban Urnud, the Urnudans theors receive a visage which they perceive as a message from a golden age of their past. The third Gan plots a course for the past and instead the ship arrives in the cosmos of the world of Tro beginning what would become the quest to find the origin and meaning of the visage. This would eventually be discovered to be signals orignating around the time of the Third Sack on Arbre.

Origin of designations[]

Geometers: The avout on Arbre observed an illustration of a graphic proof of the Adrakhonic Theorem on the side of the Daban Urnud and deduced that it meant the aliens knew geometry. They referred to the 'aliens' as Geometers until they knew what they called themselves.

PAQD: At the Convox at Saunt Tredegarh, a new designator for the Geometers is announced based on the distinct arrangement of continents on the four globes painted on the side of the alien ship: Pangee, Antarct, Diasp, and Quator.

Pangee (one large continent) = Urnud

Antarct (southern polar continent) = Laterre (La Terre: literally “The Earth” in French)

Diasp (many islands) = Tro

Quator (equatorial land mass) = Fthos

Note - The named planets are not all in proper order to facilitate the implicit pun with the word "pact."

The Cousins: Term used by the Bly's Butte contingent.

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