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1. Anathem has many 'made up' words in it, but includes a glossary detailing many, if not all of them. Duplicating that effort seems wasteful, (at least initially,) and there are copyright issues. Use this page to document made up words NOT in the book's glossary

2. The book also includes many words most people probably don't know. It might be useful to document them.

Note: Here is a glossary optimized for smart phones.

Anathem Glossary


A smug, pedantic interlocutor.

(1) A fid from the Halls of Orithena who survived the eruption of Ecba to become one of the Forty Lesser Peregrins. In his old age, he appears to have turned up on the Periklyne, though some scholars believe that this must have been a son or namesake of the Orithenan. He appears as a minor character in several of the great dialogs, most notably Uraloabus, where his timely and long-winded interruption enables Thelenes— who has been thrown back on his heels by the heavy sarcasm of his adversary— to recover his equilibrium, change the subject, and embark upon the systematic annihilation of Sphenic thought that accounts for the last third of the dialog and culminates in the title character’s public suicide. From the Peregrin phase of Kefedokhles’s career, three dialogs survive, and from his years on the Periklyne, eight. Though talented, he gives the impression of being insufferably smug and pedantic, whence sense 2.
(2) An insufferably smug or pedantic interlocutor.
The Dictionary, 4th Edition, A.R. 3000

Library grape[]

See Library grape.


(1) In Early Middle Orth, a theorician specializing in unsolved problems, esp. one who introduced fids to the study of same.
(2) In Late Middle Orth, a member of a suvin that dominated the maths from the middle of the Negative Twelfth Century until the Rebirth, which held that no further theoric problems could be solved; discouraged theoric research; locked libraries; and made a fetish of mysteries and conundrums.
(3) In Praxic and later Orth, a pejorative term for any person who is thought to resemble those of sense 2.
The Dictionary, 4th Edition, A.R. 3000

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