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Ignetha Foral a.k.a. the HIFOSA / IFOSA (Hypothetical Important Fid Of Suur Aculoä), spent six years in the Unarian math at the Concent of Saunt Baritoe under the tutelage of Suur Aculoä. She would go on to be a high ranking official in the Saecular World with the title of Madame Secretary.

During her time there she produced a treatise called Plurality of Worlds: a Comparative Study of the Polycosmic Ideation among the Halikaarnians. The treatise compares the work of Fraa Paphlagon, centanarian of the Edharian Order at St. Edhar, who is an expert in Polycosmic theorics, with others of similar interest from previous centuries.

During the reign of the Warden of Heaven, she suffers a political setback but still has sufficient clout to evoke Fraa Paphlagon, to what will eventual become the Convox at Saunt Tredegarh which is triggered by the Advent of the Daban Urnud.

Ignetha Foral attends the Plurality of Worlds Messal, often asking questions that border on insulting in order to keep the theorical discussion on a result-oriented track. 

She and Magnath Foral, the Heritor of Elkhazg, are both members of a family associated with the Old Lineage which has a long history of power and influence both in the Saecular and the Mathic worlds.

Ignetha Foral is an anagram for Fear and Loathing.  Why?  I don't know just yet as I'm not done with the novel (3rd Messal at the moment).