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A jeejah is a small device, comparable to a smartphone, carried by persons extramuros which enable distant voice communication, media capture and playback, access to the reticulum, navigational aid and often other functions. The name is probably a pun on "geegaw", a distracting bauble.

Jeejahs are forbidden within the mathic world, except by Ita or during apert.

Known optional features of jeejahs:

  • Recording or playback of speelies
  • Access to the reticulum
  • Providing navigational aid
  • Assisting with syntactic computations
  • Displaying the current time

Incoming notifications[]

Jeejahs often play various, user-defined sounds or music clips to indicate incoming communications. While these signals are accepted extramuros, the avout find their longer-than-average attention spans challenged by the interruptions.