The informal name adopted for the upper stage of an experimental rocket. When Jules Vern Durand said upon seeing the object, "The conception is magnifique!", Jesry rendered this as "monyafeek." Tulia refers to one as a S2-35B.

Similar in shape to a small gazebo, it consists of a windowless, reinforced sheet metal canopy large enough to enclose a person seated in the fetal position above pressurized tanks and machinery, supported by four thin struts. Not including the nozzle skirt and fuel (which at least quadruple its weight), the device is lighter than a person.

A space bound occupant is wrapped in layers of polymer film, seated exactly into place, and cushioned by expanding foam insulation. Upon exiting the upper atmosphere, the canopy is ejected while the occupant remains in place for the last stage of boost into orbit. Once in orbit, the occupant must cut free from the enveloping packaging, then release certain fasteners to gain freedom of motion.

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