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Orolo is a Decenarian Fraa of the Concent of Saunt Edhar, a scholar of cosmology and a vintner. The older Fraa Orolo serves as a tutor to Fraa Erasmas and his companions; the younger generations, long accustomed to his tutelage, still occasionally refer to him as "Pa Orolo" after their Eliger.

Orolo was a fid of Paphlagon and studied Polycosm theory with him before Paphlagon graduated to the Centenarian math at Edhar. Orolo was also a member of the Old Lineage.

Prior to Apert, Orolo detected the Daban Urnud in orbit around Arbre though he was only able to make minimal observations. He used a laser on the telescope to project an Analemma into the sky as a signal to the occupants of the ship, hoping they would also see the Analemma on the ground at Ecba.

During Apert, the Inquisition ordered the shutdown of the Starhenge at Edhar, and other Concents, to prevent further observation of the ship. Orolo, in a serious violation of the Discipline, sold the Math's mead to purchase a Speelycaptor after learning about the increased resolution of the newest models. He secretly made observations of the path of the ship.

When his activity was discovered, Orolo was "Thrown Back" via the Aut of Anathem. He journeyed to Bly's Butte to use the telescope there, but instead attempted to understand what the ship might mean from first principles. After some time there, he journeyed over the North Pole to reach the Lineage's pseudo-Math at Ecba where he was eventually joined by Erasmas, his former fid, who had followed him on his course after leaving Edhar via a Voco.

At Ecba, Orolo taught Erasmas lessons on Polycosm theory. Then a small landing ship arrived from the Daban Urnud containing the dead body of Lise. Shortly after this, other forces on the ship fired a kinetic energy weapon at Ecba, which was detected before it hit. In the rush to evacuate, Orolo was last, and he carried the body of Lise and other samples from the landing craft. There was limited room on the evacuation aero-craft, so Orolo thrust the dead body and samples on the craft and remained behind to be incinerated. From an airborne craft Erasmas witnessed Orolo calmly scratch an analemma in the dirt and stand within/on it as the pyroclastic flow and preceding heat and pressure waves resulting from the volcano rodding raced down Ecba's steep slopes and consumed his body.

Upon watching a Speely of this martydom, Avout at the Convox started immediately terming him Saunt Orolo.

After peace was made with the Daban Urnud, Erasmas founded a new Concent-like institution named Saunt Orolo's and declared a second reconstitution.