An Avout who, under exceptional circumstances, leaves the confines of the math and travels through the Saecular world while trying to observe the spirit, if not the letter of the Discipline. The original Peregrins were the survivors of the destruction of the Temple of Orithena in -2621, who wandered throughout Arbre, many finding their way to Ethras.


This may be a reference to Peregrin Took[1], known as Pippin, a hobbit that left the Shire to wander Middle Earth as a Companion of the Ring, due the the spelling.

It may also refer to the Latin word Peregrinus[2], literally meaning "foreigner," which was a person who lived in, but was not a citizen of, Rome. The connotation in this case would be that the Peregrin Avout is in, but not a member of, Saecular society.



It may also be a reference to a Pilgrim largely based on homophonie.

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