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This special Messal was created at the Convox to discuss issues related to Polycosm theory and the concept of a Plurality of worlds.

At the Messal were 7 doyn and their servitors, including many of the key characters.

  1. Secretary Ignetha Foral of the Foral family, a saecular official, served by Emman Beldo.
  2. Fraa Lodoghir, served by Fraa Erasmas
  3. Suur Moyra, a Lorite, served by Suur Karvall.
  4. Fraa Jad, a Millenarian from Edhar and Incanter, served by Fraa Tavener (Barb).
  5. Fraa Paphlagon, a Centenarian from Edhar, served by Fraa Arsibalt.
  6. Suur Asquin, heritor of the site of the Messal, served by Suur Tris.
  7. Fraa Zh'vaern, a Matarrhite who is really Jules Verne Durand of Earth in disguise, served by Fraa Orhan who is secretly his minder from Urnud.