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The Sæcular society includes all those who live extramuros - literally, outside the walls, meaning those who do not live inside the monastic Maths, i.e. the avout.

The Saecular world is historically unstable, giving rise to frequent changes in society and civilizations in recurring cycles of increasing praxis or technology, flourishing economic growth, exploration, warfare, collapse, rebuilding, etc. Due to this unpredictability, those living intramuros generally refer to whatever current regime(s) are in place collectively as the Saecular Power, or rather pejoratively, as the Panjandrums.

Saecular society is class-based, with the burgers at the top of the economic ladder, and the slines at the bottom. The Saecular world is almost totally aliterate or semiliterate, with a large number of them being members of the Bazian or Counter-Bazian Arks. Those with a strong desire to read or learn usually wind up in the monastic establishments known as Maths.

Most members of Saecular society have a fanatical obsession with multimedia praxis. Nearly all have jeejahs, approximately resembling today's multi-purpose hand-held communication devices. Upon seeing jeejahs, most of the avout are disturbed by what appears to be constant, rude interruption.

Erasmas's half-sister Cord lives extramuros near the Concent of Saunt Edhar, working as an artisan and metallurgic technician.

The Saeculars view the Avout according to a set of Iconographies:

  • Temnestrian Iconography
  • Doxian Iconography
  • Yorran Iconography
  • Rhetorian Iconography
  • Muncostran Iconography
  • Klevan Iconography
  • Budan Iconography
  • Moshianic Iconography
  • Penthabrian Iconography
  • Pendarthaan Iconography