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Sammann is a leading character in the 2008 book Anathem by Neal Stephenson. Sammann is an Ita at the Concent of Saunt Edhar. He accompanies Erasmas through most of the journey from the Concent of Saunt Edhar to Ecba and then into space to board the Daban Urnud.

Before 3670 Apert[]

Part of Sammann's duties as an Ita are to maintain parts of the Starhenge and the clock at the concent.

During the 3670 Apert[]

When Erasmas and Jesry visit Erasmas's Sib, Cord at the metal shop at which she works, Sammann is there. Sammann is working with Cord to fabricate a metal part for the clock at the Concent of Saunt Edhar. When the Starhenge is closed during Apert, Sammann is asked to retrieve the Photomnemonic Tablet present in the M & M (Mithra and Mylax) telescope by the hierarchs and analyze it. He is not given specific instructions as to information security concerning the data on this tablet, so he prudently makes a copy after realizing the importance of the data contained therein. Furthermore, later on Sammann notices another tablet has been placed in Clesthyra's Eye and subtly makes that fact known to whomever placed (and later retrieved) the tablet. This copy is later studied by the Saunt Edhar contingent as they journey to the Convox at Tredegarh .

During Voco/Convox of 3670[]

Sammann joins Erasmas on his Journey from the Concent of Saunt Edhar to Bly's Butte, across the pole and all the way to Ecba. His ability to make expert, practical use of the functionality of and information on the Reticulum are of significant importance to the success of the journey. As is his understanding of the current secular world combined with that of the world of the Avout. During this portion of the journey Sammann and Erasmas develop a rapport (although, not without struggles, awkward moments and disagreements) that blossoms into a friendship. This despite the traditional required separation between Ita and the Avout. During the Visitation at Orithena Sammann uses his super-Jeejah to broadcast the events over the Reticulum. Sammann also assists the members of the Plurality of Worlds Messal in disabling the communications systems of Z'verhn and his guardian.

During the Diaspora/Battle of Daban Urnud[]

Sammann is the lone Ita assigned to Cell 317. He discovers and informs the rest of the cell about the information being sent back to Arbre and helps determine which information is being given priority and, more importantly, why. After Cell 317 (minus the Valers) enter the Daban Urnud, Sammann is out of Raz's worldtrack until such time as the Arbe delegation has arrived to come to a peace agreement.

Earth Connection[]

I can't help but think that the name Sammann is a bastardization of Someone, as in, "Have you called someone from IT?"