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Saunt Bly, a feral avout of the Concent of Saunt Edhar in the 2300s who was thrown back from the Edharian Order and lived among the primitive saeculars on Bly's Butte. He comes to be worshipped by the locals who allegedly kill him and eat his liver out of a false idea that it was where he did most of his thinking. His fate is a cautionary tale shared during Provener. There are supposedly many other stories in this vein.

Bly is the subject of veneration with the counter-Bazian Ark of the Samblites. The Samblites supplement their faith with his notebooks. While they do not consider him a Deolater they identify with his struggle for the truth. Alternatively, the Warden of Heaven claims that Saunt Bly was a Deolater who found a proof of the existence of God and was Thrown Back because of it.

The Samblites deny the story of the eating of Bly's liver as an ancient lie designed to make them look bad.