Tulia is an avout from the Concent of Saunt Edhar in the 2008 book Anathem by Neal Stephenson. She is Erasmas' first crush but eventually he turns his attention to her friend Ala. She is an orphan, and walked the Labyrinth connecting the unarian and decenarian maths of Saunt Edhar at a young age.

Suur Tulia discovers that Ignetha Foral is the HIFOSA / IFOSA (Hypothetical Important Fid Of Suur Aculoä) who might be behind the Voco of Fraa Paphlagon.

In the book, Tulia is evoked in the Aut of Voco and plays a tactical role in dealing with the Geometers. From Arbre, she helps Erasmas gather launch debris into the balloon that keeps them plugged in.

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