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A senior Hierarch, responsible for defending a math against incursions from saecular society.  Each math has two wardens: the Warden Fendant and the Warden Regulant.  The architecture at Edhar reflects each Warden's 'view': the gargoyles of the Warden Regulant look inward, into the concent itself; the gargoyles of the Warden Fendant look outward, into the Saecular world.

The Warden Fendant at Edhar at the start of the Third Sack was Fraa Amnectrus; Amnectrus may well have conceived the strategy for, and perhaps even led, the flying wedge formation in which fraas and suurs broke out of the concent, raided their Saecular opponents, and then returned to the concent.  The supplies with which they returned were sent to the Millenarian math; the rest of the concent fell within the next two days. The Court of the Warden Fendant holds military supplies in several storage rooms, and the Court proper is decorated with statues and military antiques, the largest of which is a life-size statue of Amnectrus, posed with a rifle in, as Erasmus relates, "the posture that he held for the last twenty-four hours of his life."  The statue is surrounded by shell casings Amnectrus fired, and the statue and relics serve as a sarcophagus for him.

After Lio confronts and defeats four slines on the Tenth Night of Apert, he is recruited into the Fendant Court, and receives an internship under the Warden.  At the end of the book, at Saunt Orolo's, Lio is apparently Warden Fendant, and spends much of his time discussing strategy with former members of the Ringing Vale for defending Orolo's in case of a Saecular invasion.

Fraa Delrakhones is the Warden Fendant at the Concent of Saunt Edhar.